Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Little boxes

As promised a picture of some boxes I've just finished. They are 3 inches square ( sorry for those that work in metric ) and made from pelmet vilene, with transfoil and tissue bonded onto it before a coat of pva and acrylic wax. The embossed metal has been aged by using embossing powder and of course couldn't make one without my usual dragonfly.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

First post 2012

Can't believe I haven't posted at all this year but hate the winter and don't feel inspired to do anything much. However today is a glorious day and it even makes me feel like cleaning...or maybe I'm just sickening for something.

The winter wasn't entirely wasted as I've been making a few brooches and had a day with the WI on Saturday showing them how to make the large flower ones. It was a very enjoyable day and they nearly all finished one. I had to prepare all the fabric backgrounds as it takes ages to do and consists of a layer of velvet, batik and merino wool all embellished together on my embellisher.

The brooches below have some of my glitzy fabrics and hand stitching on.

At my Monday textile group we have been making muslin paper which consists of a layer of muslin and crumpled tissue with lots of PVA. There are other versions which use transfoil and I have used this to make some boxes which I'll show in the next blog as I am finishing them off. I have however covered an address book with the original method and added a metal leaf for effect.