Monday, 27 June 2016

Tyvek Beads

I love mixed media especially Tyvek and have just made some beads from it. The Tyvek was painted both sides with Lumiere and rolled round a stick before heating with a heat gun. Some had added sparkly fabric.


I love dragonflies and had a great experience in New York with one. We were going to the top of the Rockafeller Tower and in the foyer there was one trying to get out of a window. I picked it up and took it to the top and let it go which really made me feel great. It's probably the highest flying dragonfly ever and the view from the top was amazing.

Anyway, I use dragonflies on several pieces of my work, cards, mobile phone cases, book covers, and pictures. This is my latest piece in mixed media on canvas and on a box. The dragonflies are made on watersoluble fabric and organza.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Textile 21

Enjoying going to textile 21 once a month as I find them very helpful and inspirational and the ladies really make me think outside the box. Our next exhibition is at the World of Glass in September so I am working on some glass flowers inspired by Chuhuly. I intend to do 2 pieces, one in a vase and one wall mounted. Here is a snippet. The flowers are now different in the vase and the wall hanging will have more unusual triffid type flowers on it.


For my City and Guilds I made a tree vessel which took ages but was fun to make.

I have made another couple since then one of which will be exhibited at the World of Glass in September.

Felted poppies

I've been doing a bit of teaching and it's going quite well. Also continuing to do craft fairs as well as giving talks and demonstrations to local groups and in Patchwork Parade in Chadderton where I'm doing a workshop in July.

I did a brooch workshop at Crafty friends.

We've covered creative techniques, dyeing natural fabrics with procion dyes and man made fabrics using transfer dyes, made a box and a felt picture and generally had a fun time. I enjoy wet felting and have made some poppy pictures and book covers.


I enjoy doing applique as it's much quicker than making all the bits your self as I cut them from fabric. Seascapes seem popular so made this.

Another type of applique which is interested is cut back where you draw a picture on Vilene put a layer of cotton on top then felt before sewing the picture from the back and cutting through the felt with a soldering iron. The white felt has been transfer dyed.

Under the Sea

It's been ages since I wrote anything but it's been a busy year as we've moved, my son has got married in New York and I've now got a grandson. I thought it was about time I started doing the blog again.

Well I'm back to under the sea coral reef thing as the North West Embroiderers Guild had a regional day and that was the title of the competition so couldn't resist making something. I didn't win though. It is a largish canvas with mixed media including organza, Lutradur and Tyvek.