Thursday, 14 May 2015

Embroidered garden

Don't normally do much hand embroidery but useful to have a piece I can carry around to do at craft fairs. It's painted canvas with machine couched threads then lots of hand stitching. Takes ages but good fun.

Mushroom Sketchbook

Started a new sketchbook when I was preparing to join Textile 21 and decided to base it on mushrooms as I love them.

                                          This is worked on water dissolvable fabric and chiffon.

Stamps made from Funky Felt

                                                        Some goldwork and a ruched piece.

                                                     Stamped on Lutradur and Tyvek.

Water dissolvable fabric

Felted stones

I have been making felted stones with various effects on them in preparation for my piece at the Whitaker.

Textile 21

I applied a few months ago to Textile 21 and was lucky enough to be accepted.

They are a contemporary textile group in the North West and exhibit at various locations in the area with an exhibition at the moment at Nantwich Museum which is on until June 13th. This is called Tech Styles and celebrates the innovative use of technology at Quarry Bank Mill.

As I have only just joined them I do not have a piece there but will be at the Whitaker in Rossendale in October and am working on my piece at the moment. It will be based around historical industry from the area including felt as it is a product that was produced in the area both for carpets and when that died out underlay. They also made felt slippers for their workers.

They also quarried stone including that used for flagstones in Trafalgar Square so I will be making felted stones and because Rossendale is known as the Golden Valley these will be displayed in a handmade golden bowl. Possibly the one shown below.