Saturday, 16 August 2014

Nuno felting and bling

Can't believe I haven't posted anything on my blog this year although haven't really turned out an awful lot of work apart from cards and a couple of small boxes and the work shown below. First bit of news is that we are moving to Holmfirth on the 2nd September so hopefully being in Yorkshire will inspire me to do some new work as I have been wanting to move for a while now. The next post may be full of lovely scenery and dry stone walls.

I have made a few things this year with the first pieces being inspired by a workshop with Jane Clark on Indian inspired textiles. I made a wall hanging for my new house which is 1 m across so should look great on a pole behind the sofa. It is a patchwork of 'Bollywood' fabrics and photo transfer pieces with various braids and stitching.

I also made a couple of little bags using the same technique.

I went to a workshop with Alysn Midglow Marsden at the Embroiderer's Guild and we made a 3 sided gambler's purse which took quite a while to make but appealed to my love of bling. It is made from Angelina fibre worked on water soluble film with added sequins.

At Hardingham Textile Group we had a workshop with Pauline Wrighton earlier in the year and I made a couple of framed pieces of encrusted stitch which I enjoyed doing as it was very textural. 

I have always enjoyed felting but up to now never really tried Nuno which is felting wool through silk which makes it crinkle nicely. This works best with chiffon which I will be trying next but so far I have experimented with a piece of dyed silk and am now working on a silk scarf which still needs to be cut through, stitched and beaded.

This piece is finished and although only an experiment could easily be framed. The piece below needs cutting through and beading and when finished I will post the result.