Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fabric Caskets

About a month ago I went to a Macmillan coffee morning and donated some of my work for the raffle, one of these being a fabric casket. I haven't made any caskets for a while and didn't intend to but the lady that won the casket came into the fair on Sunday and ordered a 'girly one' for a Christmas present. I made two similar ones so I wonder which she will choose. Photos taken at night so colours not very clear but they are pink and purple.

For our Christmas challenge at my textile group we have to make something titled 'The Essence of Winter' and this much include couching so that is right up my street. As my next project for the City and Guilds is on leaves I thought I could be crafty and combine the two so have been making organza leaves to include. Not sure what I'll be making yet but will post the finished item.

Off to the Norwich Textile and Bead Fair on Sunday which unfortunately is the last one. We are quite short of creative textile suppliers in Norfolk so it will be missed. Must try not to spend too much though after my recent trip to London.

My next craft fair is on the 12th November at Lincoln Hall in Hingham run by Daisy Boo's. It is usually successful so fingers crossed.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Craft Fair Hingham Sports Hall Sunday

Been busy today sorting and pricing things for the craft fair on Sunday. It is advertised as 'massive' and although its a large hall I'll believe the massive fair when I see it.

Taking my usual bags including a couple of butterfly ones with matching purses.

Lots of cards.

As well as the usual array of mobile phone cases, fairy slipper, bowls, vases and brooches. I'll post a pic of the stall and let you know how I get on.

Off out tomorrow too as Raggle Taggle Beads are opening a shop at Hackford which is only a few miles from me. Shouldn't really buy anything but they are tempting me with great opening offers so I can't resist. Then onto Central Hall in Wymondham to visit a craft fair. Sorry I'm so obsessed with textiles and crafts but at my age not much else I can get excited about.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mary Crehan Workshop

On Friday I went to a talk by Mary Crehan on her darning method for creating standing stones. It was a very entertaining talk as she has a wonderful sense of humour and it turns out I know her daughter from doing a course together.

This was followed by a workshop on Saturday to produce a piece of work based on stone. It was a full day with some lovely work produced, not mine which is far from finished but if it turns out well I'll post at a later date.

We drew some lines on paper and placed this under scrim on a frame. 

Here are some of the threads I'm going to use.

As you can see nobody got there work finished as its a slow process although some people used big stitches and thick thread so made better progress.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

City and Guilds

I'm about half way through my City and Guilds machine embroidery course and its been great. Our first project was based on shells and the next one will be on leaves which I love.

As its only a level one course the work isn't too heavy and its the first year the Embroiderers Guild in Norwich have run it but hope they will do the follow on one next year.

Just thought I would show some of the prep work I did on shells and the finished item.

I made some stamps out of funky foam and used those to print.

I used bleach on a stamp and discharged dye from black fabric. The other stamps were stitched around in different ways.

For my piece I decided to make a purse in cream and pink as these are the colours in many shells. The purse is in silk dupion with silk velvet shells attached using applique.

Although I'm not really into quilting I thought it would look apt to have a quilted purse with wavy lines to represent the sea.

Lavender bags

I've been making some heart shaped lavender bags for the craft fairs I'm doing before Christmas.

I've started making my butterflies on dissolving film now and think they work out better.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Knitting and Stitching Show

Had a great time last week at the Alexander Palace last week but didn't really come home with any photos. There was some great work there but by the time I got round to seeing it I was laden down with bags having spent far too much money so just thought I would share part of my stash.

Can you spot my favourite colours?