Tuesday, 11 October 2011

City and Guilds

I'm about half way through my City and Guilds machine embroidery course and its been great. Our first project was based on shells and the next one will be on leaves which I love.

As its only a level one course the work isn't too heavy and its the first year the Embroiderers Guild in Norwich have run it but hope they will do the follow on one next year.

Just thought I would show some of the prep work I did on shells and the finished item.

I made some stamps out of funky foam and used those to print.

I used bleach on a stamp and discharged dye from black fabric. The other stamps were stitched around in different ways.

For my piece I decided to make a purse in cream and pink as these are the colours in many shells. The purse is in silk dupion with silk velvet shells attached using applique.

Although I'm not really into quilting I thought it would look apt to have a quilted purse with wavy lines to represent the sea.


  1. This is exquisite! I love that bleached one on the black fabric - very effective. It's always good to see how ideas evolve like this .... the creative process in action!

  2. That is a lovely purse. How many hours a week is your course? I would love to study something a little more creative but not sure how it would fit with family, work and crafting time.

  3. The course is only 1 day a month for 6 months and runs from 10-3. It is the first year the Embroiderers Guild in Norwich have run it and the tutor is Sheila Ford. I think it has been very successful and should run again next year so if you are interested let me know and I can give you the name of the person to contact.