Friday, 21 October 2011

Craft Fair Hingham Sports Hall Sunday

Been busy today sorting and pricing things for the craft fair on Sunday. It is advertised as 'massive' and although its a large hall I'll believe the massive fair when I see it.

Taking my usual bags including a couple of butterfly ones with matching purses.

Lots of cards.

As well as the usual array of mobile phone cases, fairy slipper, bowls, vases and brooches. I'll post a pic of the stall and let you know how I get on.

Off out tomorrow too as Raggle Taggle Beads are opening a shop at Hackford which is only a few miles from me. Shouldn't really buy anything but they are tempting me with great opening offers so I can't resist. Then onto Central Hall in Wymondham to visit a craft fair. Sorry I'm so obsessed with textiles and crafts but at my age not much else I can get excited about.


  1. I love craft fairs. Sorry it's a bit far to drop in!

  2. Good luck at the craft fair. The stuff your taking looks fab!

  3. Hope you did well on Sunday. It all completely slipped my mind. Was it 'massive' and did you sell a 'massive' amount of your lovely things?

  4. It was a dead loss as usual. There were quite a few stalls there but very few visitors probably due to not being advertised.

    Hopefully Daisy Boo's on the 12th November will be better.