Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Bag for Me

I decided to make myself a bag having made several to sell. Deciding on a colour posed a problem as my bags tend to be colourful while I'm inclined to always wear black, but hey black goes with anything.

I had a dyeing day to make some silk, cotton, scrim and threads in purple and jade and used these together with some bought threads. I space dyed a large piece of cotton to make the lining and strap as well as smaller pieces in dupion, habotai, noil and silk velvet as I like a contrast in texture both tactile and visual. The visual texture is achieved by space and shibori dyeing to give a marbled, mottled effect.

The bag took me ages to do as I couch the threads by hand as I think that the sewing machine flattens them and added French knots and beads before lining and sewing together.

Quite pleased with the result so I'll take it to any textile shows I attend and maybe I'll get some orders.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Thanks for the comments

Thanks to everyone who has commented. I've managed to alter the 'trio of bags' post to now include pics of the bags.

Fabric Vases and Bowls

In May I attended a workshop by Linda Turner on the subject of fabric vessels. They are made from Batik fabric with wadding to create a quilted look and embellished with cords and beads and because they contain a glass are suitable for both dried and fresh flowers. I enjoyed making them so much I had to make 3.

Another item I make which seems to fascinate people at craft fairs are silk bowls and they are surprised when they feel how light they are. They are made from silk fibre which is sandwiched between 2 pieces of dissolving film before being stitched. You can buy the silk already dyed or dye it yourself using acid dyes. Mine was bought at the Norwich Textile and Bead Fair in May. This is then washed out and a small amount of fabric stiffener is applied before it is moulded over a shape.

Friday, 17 June 2011

In Stitches

Went to the In Stitches exhibition at Blicking on Wednesday. The weather was great and the gardens looked lovely this time of year. However that wasn't the reason I went but rather for the textile exhibition being held there for the next month.

It was in the upstairs gallery in a much larger and lighter room than large year and I was blown away by the range of textiles on display. Couldn't take photos which was a pity but it is free to enter so well worth a visit.

The piece I liked the most was Tree Nymphs by Justine Claire Williamson which was just up the stairs before the main gallery. It was similar in size to the tree I have made but in grey with added Gothic textile window frames. I was trying to work out how it was made and think I have some idea. However at £350 it was rather above my budget. Below is my attempt at a tree.

I also liked a piece called Rusty Metal and the work of Julie Smith and Patricia Birks who organises the group. Would have like to have bought many pieces but did buy some cards.                                

All in all well worth a visit and may even have to go again before the month is up.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A trio of bags

Thought I would show 3 of my latest bags. The one alone in blue and purple is for my future daughter in law as these are the colours she likes.

Although these bags are quite small they can carry all the essentials, phone, purse and keys, and can be hung acoss the body on a long cord. Got one on Etsy at the moment but never think that photos do justice to something with lots of colour and texture.

Off to the 'In Stitches' textile exhibition at Blicking tomorrow so really looking forward to that and will tell you what I thought of it, was great last year.

A trio of bags

Sunday, 12 June 2011

New to blogging

This is my first blog post and its all a little scary being a bit of a silver surfer.

I'm fairly new to textiles having tried loads of crafty things before but never sticking to them. However after doing a City and Guilds in creative textiles I was hooked as there are so many elements to it and its not easy to get bored.

I am a member of the Embroiderers Guild and will be starting a machine embroidery course with them in July so am hoping to try lots of new things even though I said I wouldn't do any more courses.

I dye many of my fabrics and threads and find it unpredictable and exciting as you get different colours depending on the fabrics used.

Initially it was difficult finding what was really my style but lately I have started to make bags and purses which are colourful and different from anything else around.

I will be exhibiting at the Wayland Show at Watton in August, a vintage and handmade fair in Holt in October and Daisy Boo's in Hingham in November and am really looking forward to them.

Oh well back to sewing, need to finish a bag for my future daughter in laws birthday this week.

Photos taken at Watton in June this year