Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Latest makes

Love pansies as they are such happy little flowers and the winter flowing ones I planted in pots last year are still going strong. Decided to make some to put on a box and cards which seemed to be popular.

I also made 2 more embroidered pictures as I sold the first one I made. One is the same size and also made a smaller one. Think I prefer the colours on the smaller one and am going to try painting more with walls and other garden structures and embroider them.

Made a couple of book covers, one a with dragonflies as I have made before and also one with butterflies on.

Dragonflies on canvas below

Did a craft fair at Penistone last Sunday and although it was sunny outside it was cold there as the wind whistles through the open barn. Luckily I had visited it before so knew to wrap up warmly. Here is a picture of my stall.

Wortley Hall

Went to Wortley Hall a couple of weeks ago and had a stall in the wonderful dining room.

They are also holding the South Yorkshire show on the 15th August which is normally outside but are having a few stalls in the dining room again so will be there then.