Friday, 9 December 2011

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Finally finished my craft fairs for this year, bit of a relief really as the house is a bit of a tip after spending so much time sewing but there are more exciting things to do than housework. Need to think of some new lines for next year but my first craft fair isn't until Easter so there is plenty of time but feel free to send me any ideas you have as its great to get feedback.

Getting on with my last project for the City and Guilds on walls. Had a bit of a writers block on the subject at first but the ideas are starting to flow in and think I've decided what to make for it. Need to do some background work and experiments first though and probably won't get round to making it until after Christmas but the last day of the course is 11th January so need to get on with it.

The Christmas Challenge is going to be judged by the chairman of the Embroiderers Guild on Monday so fingers crossed.

Just made a box as part of my daughter in law to be's present. I was lucky enough to find a beautiful triple dyed Batik with butterflies on and used it as my inspiration.

That's it for now, happy crafting.

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  1. The box is really pretty, it makes a great present. The 11th of January isn't that far away, my daughters birthday is the 10th and I still get surprised how quickly it comes around after Christmas.

    Jan x