Saturday, 5 May 2012

Drought, What drought?

Really wish it would stop raining although I know we need the water. The grass needs cutting badly and its so cold.

Had a day representing the Hardingham Textile Group at the Flower Festival yesterday. It was a long, cold day in a marquee with very few visitors but got some very positive comments and it would have been a lovely spot if the weather had been better. The church was beautiful and just the sort of place to go sketching.  Should have taken some pictures of the church.

Never mind a good excuse to stay in the warm and make things.

Been making more books using muslin paper and embellished felt.

These were filled with matching paper made from lining paper and could be used for sticking pictures etc in.

Covered with felt made on the embellisher.

Also made a few more mobile phone cases, two in the same technique as I use on my purses and two with Suffolk puffs which I think are very pretty. Might put some of these onto lavender bags and purses.

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  1. Gorgeous make as ever! The British weather can ruin just about anything and that's a fact. Personally have given up on it and am off to sunny climes tomorrow. xCathy