Friday, 3 October 2014

Book covers

I enjoy making book covers as there isn't too much measuring involved as I don't do numbers. The first 2 shown are taken from a copyright free Islamic pattern book and the technique is cut through applique.

The method used was to transfer dye some white felt then trace the pattern onto Vilene. This was then pinned to the back of a cotton fabric and the felt placed on top to give a three layer sandwich. The piece was then machined at the back using the pattern on the Vilene as a guide. Once complete the felt was cut out using a soldering iron to expose the fabric below and then beaded.

Although the cover below is a sketchbook it is A5 so could be used on any book of this size. I love using the technique of strips of different fabrics, couched threads, hand embroidery and beading with added favourites of dragonflies. 

Just in the process of finishing some small boxes now and setting up a textile group so hopefully some exciting news soon. 

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