Friday, 19 August 2016

Transfer Dyeing

Transfer Dyes

These are a means of colouring synthetic fabrics such as polyester, lace or acrylic felt. The dyes are painted onto paper which is then dried and ironed onto the fabric and it can be used again but the image will be paler. Protect the iron and ironing board from the dye by using baking parchment or layers of newspaper then iron on for about 1 minute checking that the design is being transferred.

Resists can be added such as leaves, seed heads, grasses, feathers or threads or pre-painted paper cut into shapes.

Painted papers can be torn into strips and woven together.

Do a second print on sheer fabric and overlay the design which gives a softer effect.

You can sew round the shapes.

Designs can be painted onto the paper but it will be reversed once ironed onto the fabric.

Photocopied images can be painted then ironed on.

Skeleton leaves as resist

Shapes cut from painted paper then stitched

Leaf shapes cut from painted paper and ironed on

Shapes cut from different coloured papers

Dyed lace and piece of conifer acting as resist

Paper bag iron on as some cheap paper bags are made from left over inks so look out for pretty ones.

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