Thursday, 4 August 2011

I Hate Pricing

Busy pricing up work for the Wayland Show which is on Sunday but I hate doing it. Never know what to charge because hating maths as I do I really can't be bothered to work out how much fabric or thread I use and certainly can't charge for all my hours as even at the minimum wage, my bags would be more expensive than Channel!

Taking 13 bags of which these are a few.

I try and make useful things because with the economy being what it is I think people are more inclined to buy something they can actually use rather that a luxury. Might try my hand at some wall hangings in time for Christmas though.

Other work I'm taking are felt needle cases as I looked for one at a recent craft fair and nobody had any.

Never know what size to make mobile phone cases so made a selection both machine embroidered and felted.

I made some purses to match the bags. They are mostly different silks and cotton with couched threads most of which I dye myself. They are often finished off with silk velvet flowers which are so tactile.

Also been busy making loads of felt flower brooches in different styles and colours.

I'm tempted to charge £7.50 for the large ones although my husband thinks that is too expensive. The white bits are added silk which gives a lovely sheen.

Made one to go on my red felted jacket.

Someone suggested I also make hair clips so made a few to try out.

I've got my fingers crossed for Sunday and the weather forcast is good. Further pictures of my stall after the event.


  1. Love all the felt items you've made here - I wish you well with the fair.
    It is difficult pricing, I agree - its usually a case of what you think "the market" will bear and what others are charging for similar goods rather than a true reflection of the time and effort you have put in. As you rightly say, if we costed in our time we would never be able to sell anything, but my husband just doesnt understand it and thinks you should charge for your time!
    I agree with you on the pricing of the lovely large flower corsage - its lovely and shouldnt go for less.
    Good Luck!

  2. Of course you can't price them...they are priceless! Sorry, not much use am I?
    Try talking to Tiger Lily, She might be able to help?

    If I had the dosh, I'd buy two of the bags shown, and at least 3 of the corsages and....
    Your make are really gorgeous and I wish I could get to the Wayland show too.
    I hope the weather is good to you and that you do well.

    Sandie xx

  3. They are lovely as ever! I would pay £7 ish for one of the flowers, so ignore your husband. It is difficult, though, and people do my head in about 'charging for your time'. Not possible really. Hope you did ok.

  4. You are so talented! I love all of your work but the bags are my favourite! I hope you sold some - but at the same time I bet your sad to see them go. I would want to keep all of them.