Thursday, 21 July 2011

Out Of The Fold Textile Exhibition

I went to Bury St Edmunds today to visit an exhibiton of thirteen textile artists work based in Suffolk and in case you think I'm totally boring and textile obsessed I also bought two pairs of shoes.

I had seen Marion Baker's work at the open studios and find it very colourful.

Other work there included an unnamed piece by Karen Frost which was an asymmetrical pale piece which was beautiful.

Lynne Pretty had made a slightly quilted picture with ginko leaves which was very effective and very reasonable at £35

Some pictures of other work are below and the exhibition is on until the end of the month I think. It is housed in the Denny Brothers Gallery and the shop is well worth a visit as it houses loads of craft and arty farty bits, like dying and going to heaven.

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  1. You do get around don't you. I never seem to know about anything that's going on around here. This exhibition looks lovely - hope you got some inspiration, etc.