Friday, 1 July 2011

Bev's Blooming

I've been meaning to try wet felting for a while as I've never done it. I do some felting on my embellisher but wanted to make some brooches and thought they would be stronger using the wet felting method.

As usual I'm drawn to flowers as they are so colourful and cheerful so dug out the merino wool tops I had already and the results are shown here.

Trouble is with trying new things is you want to rush out and buy supplies and I have to curb the urge to spend, spend, spend.


  1. These are beautiful, your very creative :)
    Sue Xx

  2. They are beautiful, the pink one looks remarkably like a petunia!
    If this is your first attempt.... brilliant!
    Bet you are hooked now?!

    Sandie xx

  3. Gorgeuos - love the way you have embellished them

  4. Hi Bev, sorry I've taken so long coming over to say hello, we've been away on holiday. I think your flowers are great, they look really soft and pretty. as you say there are so many out there and all in different styles- I've stuck to my original method of doing pre-felts and cutting flower shapes out of them then felting them together, but it's very time-consuming - and mine end up much stiffer than yours look. Sadly I've had to give up felting almost completely for the moment, I do miss it and feel I'm getting a bit left behind as other people continue to amaze me with their designs! Your bag is so beautiful, and those vases too, I thought of trying to cover a glass vase with felt but never stuck at it long enough to get a good result. Hope you continue to enjoy wet-felting. xx