Wednesday, 21 September 2011

'Donut' Shibori

Another technique I use when dyeing cloth is 'Donut' Shibori. It was taken from a brilliant book called  Shibori for Textile Artists by Janice Gunner. Take a length of fabric, not too big as the dye needs to penetrate to the centre, and some string a little longer than the width of the fabric.

Roll the fabric round the string fairly tightly leaving some string poking out at the ends.

Gather the fabric tightly into a donut and tie the ends of the string. Put into dye and leave at least a couple of hours.

Effects like this can be produced.


  1. Thankyou for sharing this technique, it looks amazing.

  2. I remember you mentioning this to me last year and I did go off and read up on it, but its good to see it all explained here. What a great effect!

  3. This is nice post thanks for shring

  4. I developed my own version of this technique about 20 years ago (no connection with Janice Gunner), and have taught it widely. Have a look at my pieces on the Painted Silk page on my website.

    Ken Smith