Tuesday, 7 May 2013

City and Guilds work

The course is going well and keeping me really busy but such good fun. I love a bit of bling so got quite hooked on making a book with metal experiments in which I intend to fill when I get time but just a small selection shown below.

For my second project I decided to make a coral reef as they are so beautiful because of the colours and textures. I did some experiments in a sketchbook on trying to make different sorts of corals and instead of making the work a multitude of colours decided to use my favourtites of purple, turquoise and jade. I made a trial piece which I quite liked which is below.
As our finished piece has to be A3 I made a wet felted background as before and started working on it by putting on layers of organza, machine sewing and adding coral pieces I had made.
However I wasn't really happy with it but wasn't sure why so I asked my Jane to take a look and she thought it looked out of proportion and rather flat and suggested I cut off a corner and build up layers of texture. After waking up at 2.30 am that night thinking about ways to improve it I spent the next 5 days on and off working on it. The result is below.

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  1. I can tell that it is the result of a 2a.m. brain-storm. It was worth all the thinking time spent on it. That sort of thing keeps me awake too - ridiculous really! xCathy