Sunday, 26 May 2013

Inspired by the sea

Since starting my coral project I have really got inspired by the sea, well more under the sea than the sea itself. I have always loved coral reefs because of their colour and diversity of life and they lend themselves to textiles because of their amazing colours and textures.

I have also been finishing off a seascape as following on from our endless landscape at last years Hardingham Textile Exhibition this year we are doing an endless seascape and I've just finished mine which will be displayed alongside all the others at this years exhibition. We were given the measurements and colours where they have to meet at the edge but can do anything in the middle.

I also went a little Dali-esque and did a sea vessel and I'm sure it shows what a warped mind I have.
I enjoy manipulating fabric to add texture and decided to make a shell shaped manipulated fabric picture using fabrics, leather, beads and stitch.
I enjoyed making my purple coral reef so much I wanted to see if it would be workable in other colours and shapes. As my original piece is costing over £100 to frame using museum glass I wanted to try putting one on a canvas to make it more affordable and the result is below. Think I might make a box with a reef on the top next.

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  1. Gorgeous as usual. I love the sand-dune bit at the top of the first one - very Norfolky! xCathy