Monday, 17 November 2014

Christmas stars and summer poppies

What a horrible thought and horrible day here too but at least the weekend fog has gone.

Don't normally make Christmas specific items but obviously the crackers put me in the mood and ended up making 9 of them. Decided to try my hand at something different so made some stars with lace and beads which I think came out well. They are decorated on the back as well and stuffed with toy stuffing.

Rarely make pictures with felt although really should as I have 2 banana boxes full of merino wool, just can't resist the colours. Made a felt background of a poppy fields and free machined onto it, embellished it with threads and French knots and it didn't turn out too bad.

Went to a craft fair at Elsecar Heritage Centre yesterday which was OK, nothing really caught my eye which is what I find these day not like the 1980s where craft fairs were full of wonderful individual designed items. Guess they can't afford the time to spend making things anymore as people don't seem to spend the money like they used to. I know my things take ages to make and I couldn't possibly charge for all the hours I spend. One purchase I did make thought was a top hat, not a really tall one as the shorter one looked better. Strange thing I know but love them and will decorate it to wear at craft fairs to make me stand out and hopefully attract customers. The lady was selling steampunk items and looked really good in her hat.

Exciting week ahead as I am off to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate on Thursday so hope to buy lots of things and take some photos of the exhibitions. Having a long day there so may even get time to pop into Betty's for a coffee.

On Sunday I am off to Manchester with my son and his fiance to see the lights. Never been there so looking forward to that. Can't resist shopping.

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